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Philanthropic support ensures the arts remain a vibrant and dynamic influence and beacon of artistic expression for generations to come. With a variety of funding and naming opportunities available, including annual performances, K-12 educational programs, and campus and community engagement activities, we can direct your gift to the area that best aligns with your interest.

There are a number of important funding opportunities available at the Gogue Center that need your support. Here are just a few.

annual programming

Each year, the Gogue Center presents a diverse lineup of internationally acclaimed artists and performances representing a breadth of artistic interests, including touring Broadway productions, celebrity concerts, orchestras and chamber music, dance, family and school show programming, and more. Support for annual programs enables the Gogue Center to keep ticket prices low, allowing performances and artist engagements to remain accessible to a wide audience. The costs to bring these performances to the Gogue Center can range from $25,000 to $500,000 per production.

k-12 education

School Performance Series

Our School Performance series is designed expressly for local K-12 audiences and features artists, productions and engagements presented at the Gogue Center and throughout the community. The cost to support a season of six school show performances is approximately $30,000.

K-12 Performance Series Transportation

As the most expensive aspect of field trips, transportation costs can create a barrier, preventing some students from attending. By funding bus transportation for school performances, the Gogue Center ensures artistic experiences are accessible for all eligible school-aged children. The cost to support transportation for a season of six school show performances is approximately $10,000.

campus and community engagement

Visiting Artists Learning Experiences

These experiences include master classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations and general learning experiences. Community engagement experiences are an additional component to visiting artists’ contracts and can range in cost from $500 to $5,000.

Auburn University Student, Faculty and Staff Admission

This funding supplies resources for university departments to align performances with class curricula and also provides students, faculty and staff with tickets to highly sought-after performances at the Gogue Center.

general operations

Box Office Software

The Gogue Center manages ticketing and customer relationship management software licensing and issues sublicenses on campus to the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts’ music and theatre departments, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, and the Office of Student Affairs. Philanthropic support in this area would offset software costs (approximately $50,000 annually) and have an impact on the entire campus community.

Equipment Repair and Replacement

Resources are necessary for the repair and replacement of theatrical, sound and lighting equipment. Maintaining advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and acoustics will enable the Gogue Center to continue to elevate technical learning for students and present outstanding artists and performances for years to come.

new performing arts venue

To further enrich the extraordinary performing arts experience provided by the Gogue Center, plans are underway to add a multi-functional, flexible indoor studio theatre and to enhance the center’s outdoor amphitheatre for university and community performances, events, and educational use.

The indoor studio theatre will facilitate performances for audiences of up to 300 patrons and will also serve as an event space for lectures and demonstrations, pre-show dinners, receptions and facility rentals.

Additional improvements to the amphitheatre stage and lawn will elevate the patron experience for outdoor performances.

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