A note of thanks to our seat donors 

Our sincerest thanks to these generous individuals, families and businesses who have supported the Gogue Center by naming a seat in the Woltosz Theatre:

Bill Alverson
Rosemary Anders
Ginny Anderson
Lee and Donna Armstrong
Auburn Chamber of Commerce
Doug Augustine
Chris and Emily Baggett
Richard and Tracey Barber
Bill and Jessica Barrick
Brian and Jan Batson
Holly and David Baulch
Allen and Molly Miller Beard
Alice Bell
Lourdes Betanzos
Kevin Bevis
Catherine Bickerstaff
Sally and Paul Bingham
Buddy Bishop
Susan Black
Fred Blatchford
Ralph Bolt
Jacqueline and Charles Bonney
Kerry and Laura Bradley
Juanita Bridges
Elizabeth and John Burgess
Carolyn and Jack Burkhalter
Pallie and Kyle Butler
Carol and Jim Carroll
Matthew and Nicole Carter
Dr. Dorothy Cavendar
Dr. Alfred Ray Cavendar
Thomas and Judith Chase
Marcus and Jennifer Clark
Nancy and Billy Cleveland
Phillip Clowdus
Karen and Bob Cochran
Kevin and Charlotte Conaway
Arthur J. and Laura Cooper
Susan and Phillip Cowart
Mac Cutchins
Suzanne Dansby
Kathey and Leahman Davidson
Billy and Camille Davis
Grant and Nancy Davis
John Mark and Meredith Davis
L. Nick Davis and Sergio Marentes
Julie and David DeBaets
Dr. Carol Dell
Patty and Jim Disque
Mary Dixon
Matthew and Taylor Dobbs
Ingrid Doerstling
Joseph and Susan Downey
Dennis Drake
Ralph Draughon Jr.
Martha and Bob Dumas
Rod Duraski
Todd and Traci Dyleski
Ron Dyson
Michael and Kathy Eckard
Russell Eubanks
Kenneth L. Farmer Jr.
Patricia R. Farmer
Carol Ann Fowler
Friends and Family of Lillian Ziadeh
Stephen Fuller
Sally Gates
Jennifer K. Gibson
Nic and Stephanie Ginn
Libby and Todd Glisson
Gary Godfrey
Jason Gogue
Jay and Susie Gogue
Elizabeth Grant
Betty and Robert Greenhaw
Laura Grier
Sherri and Kelley Griswold
Gail Ziadeh Hall
Carol and Bill Ham
Jean Hanson
Ian Hardin
Allen and Kay Harris
Albert Hay
Danielle and Nicholas Hayes
Christopher and Claire Heacox
Matthew and Kelsey Hearn
John and Melody Heacker
Susan Heffren
Kathy and Ken Henderson
Charlotte Hendrix
Laurel Hendrix
Van and Suzane Henley
David and Pamela Hennessey
Traci and Blake Henry
Greg Heston
Ursula Higgins
Thomas and Rita Higgins
David and Sue Hill
Kevin and Alan Hinds
Andee and David Hodo
Jacque and Paul Holley
Sue and Harry Hooper
John and Lindy Hornbuckle
Jay and Anna Hovey
Sharon Hulon
Margaret Humburg
Lynn and Bill Jackson
Jana and Jonathon Jager
Jenny and Jim Jenkins
Charles Johnson
Chip and Becky Johnson
Lee Alice Johnson
Teresa and Vernon Jones
Elizabeth Willis Jordan
Tee Kern
Nicole Klein
Emily Kling
Mary Wynne and Nathan Kling
Joy and Price Kloess
Suzanne Laws
Nelda Lee
Dr. Gerald Leischuck
Ed and Becky Lewis
Daniel Lieb
Randy Lomax
Karen Lomax
Rebecca Long
Catherine Lowder
Mike Machen
Alice Mallory
Ann and Keith Martin
Drs. David L. Martin and Catherine R. Perricone
Fred and Mary Martin
Gerald and Donna Mattson
Jamie and John McAleer
Cynthia and Patrick McCarty
Vera Ellen McClure
Marsha and Sam McCord
Jeanne McKinney
Dr. Wayne McLaughlin
Diane and Tom McMahon
Linda and John Mengelt
Jean and Buddy Metcalf
Ed Milton
Catherine Moore
Jerry Wayne Moore
John and Mary Moore
Theresa Moran
John and Kerry Morris
Dorothy and Albert Naughton
Marjorie Newman
Gregg Newschwander
Pamela and Michael O’Brien
Leah O’Gwynn
Laura Young Palmer
Nicholas Paolucci
Cheri and David Paradice
Bruce and Brandy Pearl
Jay and Dina Pember
Dr. James Phillips Jr.
Maggie and Matthew Phillips
Dennis Pinkard
Mary Lou and Dan Ponder
Sara Beth and Michael Prendeville
Steven and Leanne Presley
Phillip Prince
Keith A. Pritchard
George and Debbie Purves
The Rawls Family
Karen and Bryan Ray
Shirley Kay Recknor
Nonet and John Christopher Reese
Charlot and Bob Ritenbaugh
Richard and Pat Robertson
Dave and Shawn Roman
Diane and Darryl Rosser
Carla Rountree
Michelle and Rodney Rushing
Timothy and Crystal Russell
Linda Ruth
Liz Rutherford
Allison Saggus
Carolyn and Rick Salanitri
Melissa Sanders
Shane and Stacey Sanders
Drs. Lane and William Sauser
Drs. Stephen Schmidt and Margaret Craig-Schmidt
Aina And Stew Schneller
Jana Seeman
Bill Sewell Sr.
Stephen P. Shoemaker
Arndt Siepmann
Reese Slaughter
Charles and Sheryl Smith
Jerry and Nancy Smith
Greg and Anna Solomon
Samia and William Spencer
Sandra Spencer
Wanda Sperow
Eugene Stanaland
Pat Starr
Angie and Russell Stephens
Frankie Stewart
Robin and Mark Stirling
Linda and Jeff Stone
Juli and Mike Stover
Mindy Street
Amanda and Matthew Sutter
Mark and Kathleen Thomson
Brian Thurow
Peggy and Ernest Todd
Tammy and Rick Towns
Sally and David Traylor
Drs. Yu-Tueng and Chau Tsai
Mark Tuggle
Peggy and Paul Turnquist
Sally and Marvin Ussery
Kaye Veazey
Teresa and Floyd Vest
J. Austin and Linda Wade
Myrna Walker
Bill and Sara Walls
Dr. Marcia and Gary Webb
Emily Wexler
Melinda Whitt
Amy and John Whittenburg
Alex and Amanda Wilbanks
Sandra Wilbanks
Kimberly Wilcox
Barbara and John Wild
Ralph Wilkinson
Kendall Williams
Wes Williams and Sara Dornboos
Helga Wilmoth
Johnna and Dennis Wilson
Kathi and Hugh Wilson
Wilson Butler Architects
Maria and James Witte
Beth and Steve Witten
Carol and Ralph Womer Jr.
Margaret Wood and Timothy Johnson
Mitch and Karen Wood
Lyn and John Woodham
Amy Wright
Cissy and Cecil Yarbrough
Andrew York
Bryan and Stacy Young
Suzanne Zimmer
UPDATED: Monday, December 11, 2023
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