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Registration may be completed for an individual class or an entire grade level or school.

To begin, enter the required information for an individual class. Select the performance(s) for which you wish to register and enter the number of students, teachers and chaperones attending each selected performance.

If registering multiple classes, please enter the information for an individual class first and then utilize the “Add another class” function to provide the information for each subsequent class. You may repeat this process until your reservation is complete.

Reservations must include the total number of students and accompanying teachers/chaperones attending each performance. Please also include any accommodation needs when registering.

Tickets for all 2023–24 K–12 School Performance Series shows are $5 per student/teacher/chaperone. Invoices will be sent six weeks prior to each performance. Any changes to a reservation must be made prior to the invoice date.

For more information about our 2023–24 K–12 School Performance Series or individual performances, please contact our education and engagement department at gpac_education@auburn.edu.

K-12 Performance Registration

All schools attending one of our K–12 School Performance Series shows are eligible to participate in our bus reimbursement program. Funding for this program is limited, and requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Please enter the total number of individual classes included in your reservation.

Class Registration

Please complete this section for each individual class. If registering multiple classes, please begin by entering the information and details for the first class. Once complete, utilize the "Add another class" function to provide information for any subsequent classes. You may repeat this process until your reservation is complete.
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Click on the performance(s) that this class would like to attend and enter the number of students and adults attending each performance. One chaperone is required for every 10-15 students.

Performance selection for this class:

Important Notice:

We regret to inform you that the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance you selected is currently sold out. Please register to receive information about another opportunity to see Alvin Ailey perform at the Gouge Center.



Low Ticket Availability Alert:

We want to inform you that tickets for the Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live performance are running low. Please be aware that due to limited availability, we cannot assure your reservation.

We'll make every effort to accommodate your request, but it's important to understand that low ticket availability may impact this class' ability to attend the show.

If you have questions about ticket availability, please feel free to contact our team at gpac_education@auburn.edu.

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