Gogue Center Virtual School Performance Series Registration

Complete our online registration form to start the process. All Gogue Center school performances during Spring 2021 are free and will be livestreamed at 10 a.m. (Central) on their scheduled date.

Each teacher must complete an online registration form for their individual class. Reservations for an entire grade level and/or school will not be accepted.

All registration forms must be submitted by 3 p.m. (Central) the day before the scheduled performance.

Registrants will receive a link to the performance webpage prior to the start of the scheduled event.

For more information about Gogue Center K–12 virtual school performances or to make changes to a submitted form, contact our programming and education department at gpac_education@auburn.edu.

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Contact and Location

Location: 910 South College St., Auburn, AL 36849

Telephone: 334.844.7282

Email: gpac_education@auburn.edu

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Gogue Performing Arts Center
c/o: Education Sales
910 South College Street
Auburn, AL 36849

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